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I believe that the world heals when women are in right relationship with themselves. Why? When women are depleted the  world suffers a chronic, collective illness. When women are safe, whole and "home" within themselvesthat same illness heals, cell by cell. 

My own path of growth + healing is the intentional practice of a Sacred, Creative life. I work as a Teaching Artist, Priestess + Therapist helping women build lives they love though the art of inner relationship

Art Odyssey is where I share about my own Sacred, Creative journey to guide + inspire yours. It is the home of my art, wares + wellness offerings created to help nurture your relationship within.

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. 


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Sacred Creative Wellness for Women
Hi there, I'm Charity —

I help women up-level life with the wisdom they already contain. 


Art Odyssey teaches you to access + navigate with the wisdom you already contain. Whether you're working on personal or professional development, one thing is foundational: the most powerful relationship of your life - the one you have with yourself.

This isn't just a path I believe in, it's the trail I blazed for myself.  I followed faulty maps for years, as many of us do, but couldn't find one approach that served me fully. So I've burned the faulty maps, rendered their ashes with what worked and developed an approach to personal growth that is inward-oriented and helps us trust the path unseen. 


"Charity's work draws you in with its hopefulness and sincerity, easeful sense of connection and an unparalleled understanding of what it is to navigate a life of meaning"

E.W. - IFS Base Camp Student